What is this thing called, Love?

You can file this post under “relatively meaningless topics that impact my life how?” But sometimes things just stick in your craw and compel one to voice their opinion. This one goes out to all those who dabble with Google Places.

Google MapsSearch Google for most local businesses and you will see a map to the right of the page with these red, well, we will call them ‘things’ for now as they are the subject of this post. Running down the middle of the page there are seven local business listings labeled A through G. This is Google’s local business listings or Google Places. Each one of them comes with a profile that you can update. You can upload images, video, coupons and all sorts of good information to help the consumer choose your business over others. To the right of each listing there are more ‘things,’ but these are grey, unless one hoovers over one of them with the mouse curser, then it turns red like those in the map, but for the moment, none of that matters. What really matters in my space at the moment is what we call those ‘things.’

I have heard them called a number of things such as stick pins, labels, place pins, pin markers and the worst of all, red pin heads. Why do I immediately think of a vaguely disturbing clown when I hear the term red pin head?Zippy the Pin Head

Now, they kind of do resemble a stick pin, but as we know, Google loves to regularly surprise us with changes and updates to its interface. No sooner will we decide to call them stick pins, will Google change their look altogether to something resembling nothing remotely similar to a stick pin. So we need something a little more generic.

It turns out the best solution just happens to be the most practical, and in fact, the very name I’ve been giving them for years now. Won’t you join me in calling them Place Markers? Let’s put an end to the foolishness. No more red pin heads. No more map placement markers. I dream of the day that Google users across the world will speak with one voice when referring to the place markers in Google Maps. Indeed, such uniformity puts us all closer to happiness throughout the world. It begins with you, Google User. Today, it’s place markers. Tomorrow, world peace.

And by the way, in case you were wondering, the placement of the comma in the title to this post is correct syntax.  Benny Hill watchers will get the reference.

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